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Pain is weakness _leaving the body.

Six packs coming soon….

Failure is only a temporary_Sucess is a Permanent..

Stop saying tomorrow_Tomorrow never come.

Exercise now and Make your life.

If you don’t live for something U will die for nothing

Build your body, build your Personality..

I am doing it for ME.Not for Any one…

Workout Hard to make body Hard…

Do not debate just lift the weight…..

Sweating at gym.

Failure teaches success…..!!

Everything is hard before it is easy….


Yr workout is my Warm up.

Don’t Excuses burn calories….

“A” Is the only the difference between fit and fat.

Don’t wish for it, workout for it.

Muscles are torn in the #gym_ fed in the kitchen and built in bed.

If U still look cute after the gym, you didn’t workout hard enough…

Hard Workout Give good Result at End…

This month’s diet is next month’s body…!!



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